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Beavers is:

for Boys and Girls aged 6 - 8

The Beaver Colony meets on Fridays from 6.15 to 7.15pm

at St Stephen's Church, Comely Bank (corner of East Fettes Avenue and Comely Bank Road).


Leader - Andrew Coulton,

Email the leader team - beavers "at" comelybankscouts.org.uk

How do I join?

If you (or your child) would like to join the Beavers, please complete our on-line joining form:

Request to Join Form

The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are run by volunteers (mainly parents). Every family needs to help in order to keep things running... and we need more adults to help run activities with the young people. Speak to any leader or email the Group Scout Leader gsl "at" comelybankscouts.org.uk.

We have maximum capacity for 20 young people born in each calendar year, once a year is full, names will be added to our waiting list.


Subs are £40 per term - we use an online payment system - we will send an email requesting subs.

Subs covers our main costs which are capitation to the Scout Association (which is mainly insurance for activities), rental of the halls that we use, badges, materials and activities. Where we undertake significant activities off-site we may need to make an additional charge.

Camps and other nights away, are an additional cost for those who take part.


The Beaver Uniform consists of a blue Beaver Jumper and a Dress Stewart tartan Neckerchief. These are available from the Guide Shop (!):

16 Coates Cres, Edinburgh EH3 7AH - Map


from the Glasgow Scout Shop - www.glasgowscoutshop.com

Order on-line or visit the shop - 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow, G2 4PB - map


Beavers wear a variety of badges:

Membership badge - similar badges are worn by every one of the millions of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts around the world.

Country, Region, District and Group badges (so they remember where they belong).

Activity badges which they earn by completing different activities. Many of these will be completed at Beavers, but some may be completed at home or with their family.

Challenge badges which they earn in different ways through the activities of the Beaver Colony. Completing all of the Challenge Badges earns the Chief Scout's Bronze Award (and a certificate from Bear Grylls, the Chief Scout).

Where do I put the badges?

Detailed diagram

The Membership badge (purple) and the Challenge badges go on the front, like this:


The right sleeve:

Group nametape

Scotland badge

District and Region badges

Group badge

If they are a Lodge Leader or Assistant Lodge Leader a stripe.

Like this:


The Activity badges (round) go on the left sleeve, like this: